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Lorelai Girl in Charge
by Story by Jennifer Fosberry (Put me in the Story) b

My Aunt Lindsey gave me this book. The girl looks sort of like me but the dad in the story does not look like my dad. The book says that I can be anything I want. It shows me as President but I don't want to be president. (note from Grandma: This book is 34 pages long) - It was given to Lorelai by her Aunt Lindsay and it has her name in it. It shows her name in certain spots. It was by the bestselling Author & Illustrator Jennifer Fosberry and Mike Litwin. I thought I would explain

See You At Harry's
by Jo Knowles

This book was so good and exciting. But this book was so sad but it had a great message and I couldn't put this book down.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants now in Full Color
by Dav Pilkey

I like Captain Underpants because it is a silly book. It talks about friends who write funny stories like how the monster drank from the toilet bowl and blew up. It was funny when they turned Mr. Krupp into Captain Underpants. It is fun to read a story about doo-doo and Dr. Diaper. Kids my age like that kind of talk. It makes me laugh.

Land Of Stories Book 5
by Chris Colfer

This book was so good! I couldn't put it down. This book was about Conner and Alex using the portal potion from the 4th book to travel into Conner's stories that he wrote and they tried to recruit the characters from his books to help him defeat his uncle's army! It is a very good and exciting book!!

An Most Unusual Day
by Sydra Mallery

In the book, the mother had a baby and my Mom just had a baby. My favorite part was when day was unusual because the mother was having a baby. At the end, the main character met her new baby sister and that was pretty cool!

Come In
by Tana Hoban Books

Its a great book! The end was great, a dog and cat wanted to come into a boy's tent.

What Is That
by Tana Hoban Books

I didn't like it that much. It some parts were boring, but some parts were fun. My favorite part was the beginning when a girl pretended a pan on her head was a hat!

Warriors Rising Storm
by Erin hunter

A great book

The Mysterious Matter of I.M. Fine
by Diane Stanley

So, Franny and Beamer are the main characters and they are trying to figure out who is behind all of this and If the Mega Chillers Books is really causing all of the problem. First, jelly worms, then exploding Headaches, and a serpent surprise that lands many kids, including Franny's little sis in the hospital. Can Franny and Beamer find out why all of this is happening.

by Michael Morpurgo

So, The main characters are Aman, Aman's mom, Matt, and Matt's Grandpa. The setting of the book is in Afghanistan and England. So, the government is forcing all of the people that came from Afghanistan to England back to Afghanistan and Aman's mom has a bad past with the police in Afghanstan. So, Aman's friends are trying to stop Aman and his Mom from going back. This book makes me feel lucky just reading about what Aman has been through.
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