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Dogman For Whom The Ball Rolls
by Dav Pilkey

Loved it!

All the Seasons of the year
by deborah lee rose

I like it because it tells me all the seasons.

Green Eggs And Ham Book By Dr. Seuss
by Dr Seuss Books

Because I like at the end that the guy actually tries the green eggs and ham and he likes it. And I like the rhymes because my favorite rhyme was will you eat it with a moouse or in a house?

Up, Down, And Around
by Katherine Ayres

I read this book to my younger brother.

Luke Goes To Bat
by Rachel Isadora

I read this book to my younger brother.

Truck Stop
by Anne Rockwell

I read this book to my younger brother.

by Donna Cooner

I think this book was very good. I believe this, because the social issue was very easy to relate to especially for middle "schoolers". 6th, 7th and 8th grade are where kids start to use social media and where they start learning about what to post and what not to post. Kids in middle school can relate to this because these kids are just starting to get phones and social media. In addition, this book warns kids to be careful about what they post on social media constantly. This is important to be warned about because social media can be dangerous.

Ivy And Bean Book 5
by Annie Barrows

My book review is five stars because i think this book is really funny. How they thought good thoughts of people they did not like.So that birds and wolfs would think there so nice they want to follow them.

The Tortoise And The Hare
by Jerry Pinkney

A very cool book.

by Brandon Mull

This book was so so good full of action and adventure! It is about 2 kids brother and sister, Kendra and Seth and they visit their grandparents house. But it turns out that their grandparents are the owner of fablehaven. A dangerous place that holds crazy, magical, dangerous, creatures. One night, monsters captured Seth and Kendra's grandpa. They must save him. In the end, the ended up saving him and fablehaven! I could not put this book down.
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