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How it Works:

  • Register for an account.
  • Log in to your account and record your reading. Come to the library and talk about what you are reading to collect your rewards.

Put Reading First!

  1. Visit the C.H. Booth Library again and again this summer. Ask your librarian for suggestions of great books to read yourself or to your young child. Once you register you will also have access to exciting, age appropriate reading lists made available by our librarians. 
  2. Set a goal of reading 20 minutes every day. For very young children and struggling readers, that can be spread out through the day. 
  3. Make reading fun all  summer long! 
Jun 13 - Sep 03

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate? 

The C.H. Booth Library Children's program is geared for ages 4 to grade 5.  Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having a parent or caretaker sign them up and read to them.

Can I count books that I read on my computer or e-reader? 
Of course! 

Can I count audiobooks? 
You bet!

Can I join the program after its official start date?  

Yes! You can register now but, you cannot start recording your reading until the official start date (June 13th).

Prizes will be awarded from June 24th to August 17th.

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Pugs In A Blanket
by J.J Howard

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I give this book five stars because its about a girl named Sam and she finds two pugs on her porch and its about all the adventures they have.

Dr. Green
by Dawn carelli

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It was a book about going to the doctors. There was a shot part in it that I didn’t like.

Black Beauty
by Anna Sewell

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I would rate this book FOUR stars because, it is a good book in my opinion. I liked how in the book Black Beauty goes to all different places and I like how they explain his story at each place.

Miracle Mud
by David A. Kelly

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I gave this book 5 stars because they found a way to throw the ball better, by mud. The book made me feel good.

Pokemon All Things Bright and Beautifly
by Tracey West Pokemon

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It was a good book

Still More Stories From Grandma's Attic
by Arleta Richardson

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need to learn about life in the 1800s? this book is for you!

Phillipa Fisher's Fairy Godsister
by Liz Kessler

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This book was amazing! It is heart touching and is a cute friendship story!

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls
by Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo

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Our favorite

by Raina Telgemeier

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Smile is a good book with a great message which is don't care what people think about you. Raina's friends always criticized her and she always change herself so her friends would be happy. But then she learned that she should have listen to them and that they weren't her real friends. Later on she found true friends that like the real Raina.

The mysterious matter of I.M. Fine
by Diane Stanley

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Most Popular Books
by: Lisa Mcmann
ISBN: 9781442407695

Warriors Special Edition 2
by: Erin Hunter

by: Raina Telgemeier
ISBN: 9788880337935

Land Of Stories The Enchantress Returns
by: Chris Colfer
ISBN: 9781478979135

Warriors Midnight
by: Erin Hunter
ISBN: 9780061556715

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